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A few years ago I met one of the many OG's who worked out on the bars in Tompkins Square Park.  He and I would often see each other in the mornings while we both went about our Calisthenics routines.  Early one morning I was running on the East River parkway next to the 10th street bridge...We bumped into each other for the first time outside of the park.  We chopped it up for a second - I said it was nice to see him and just as he and I were taking off in opposite directions he said "next time we'll get drinks at the bar".  I looked at him completely dumbfounded and responded "at 7:30am in the morning?!" to which he motioned with his arms in a pull-up position, "nah man, we'll get drinks at the bar".

2 Color Silkscreen on 5.5oz Black 100% Softspun Cotton